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Addiction treatment center in Middletown, New Jersey
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About Middletown Medical

Middletown Medical - Drug Rehab centre in Long Branch, NJ. They are rated 8/10 based on 17 user reviews as Addiction treatment center in Middletown, New Jersey. Middletown Medical is located at 600 NJ-35, Red Bank, NJ 07701. To book appointment you can call them at +1 732-706-1300.

"At Middletown Medical in Red Bank, New Jersey, we specialize in providing Medication-Assisted Treatment for those struggling with opioid use disorder. We provide a client-centered, warm, environment with trained counselors, nurses, and medical staff. You can find an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as specialized groups for art therapy, family education, parenting, yoga. To encourage long-term recovery, we also offer off-site 12-step meetings and case management services. Give us a call today at (732) 706-1300 to learn more."


How to contact Middletown Medical?

You can contact and book appointment with Middletown Medical either by calling at +1 732-706-1300 or by directly visiting their address at 600 NJ-35, Red Bank, NJ 07701.

Where is Middletown Medical located?

Middletown Medical is located at 600 NJ-35, Red Bank, NJ 07701. Middletown Medical is easily accessible by public transportation, major highways, etc.

What services does Middletown Medical offer?

Middletown Medical offers a range of services to support individuals struggling with substance use disorder, alcoholism, etc.. These services may include detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare planning.

What is Middletown Medical's rating and reviews?

Middletown Medical has a 4.0 rating on our website, based on 17+ reviews from individuals who have received treatment at Middletown Medical. This is one of review from Elizabeth Torrez about them. Good experience. Usually in and out. Most importantly they treat you well

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Middletown Medical Reviews

Barry Aleo
Barry Aleo

Great place to b at. If u are ready to be clean and stay clean this is the place to be . Im not going to every forget the place that help me long way.

Sarah Ronan
Sarah Ronan

This place is the best clinic of all time! Everyone there is so nice and friendly. Misty helped me when i guess dosed and now i wish this was my regular place!

Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks

I like how this facility is set up & The Medical Director, Melissa, is very hands-on with her job & helped me out ALLOT when I transferred to Middletown Medical from JSAS Healthcare. She is a very educated & friendly woman who not only …More


Place saved my life gave me freedom. Even the nurses dosing are super helpful and nice, truly some of the most patient people I have Met. Charlie and all the women, especially the one in both one, are such nice people.

The L
The L

U was just threatened by staff at this place. Talk about non professional laughing at patients making jokes about patients this staff person thinks she runs the place. Will be following up more on this mater through legal actions