Editorial Policy

Mission and Purpose:

Drehabs (www.drehabs.com) is dedicated to connecting individuals with the essential treatment they require for addiction, Substance Use Disorder, and co-occurring mental health conditions. By providing education about behavioral health conditions and available treatment options, we aim to break down barriers to recovery and transform lives. Through our website’s medical pages, blogs, news, related articles, and continuing education webinars, we offer evidence-based content, medically reviewed facts, and the latest scientific research. Our mission is driven by a passionate team of contributing experts who are committed to delivering trustworthy, accurate, and up-to-date medical and clinical information.


Accuracy and Credibility:

We understand the sensitivity of addiction and mental health topics and prioritize accuracy and credibility in all our content. Our Editorial Team meticulously vets and reviews every piece of content we publish, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.


Source Verification:

Content on Drehabs is sourced from reputable and trusted organizations. Our medical reviewers, licensed professionals in behavioral health or medical fields, analyze and verify every statistic, study, and medical claim. They review and cite sources from government bodies like SAMHSA and NIDA, scientific journals such as the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and BMJ, renowned educational institutions like Harvard Medical School, esteemed organizations like the AMA, and other resources trusted by the medical community.


Editorial Independence:

Drehabs maintains complete editorial independence, ensuring that content is not influenced by any advertising, sponsorship, or financial arrangement. Our goal is to provide objective and unbiased information to empower users to make informed decisions.


Non-Endorsement Policy:

While we provide information about rehab centers and treatment options, listing on Drehabs does not constitute an endorsement of any facility’s services. We prioritize providing factual information to guide users in making their own informed choices.


Privacy and Confidentiality:

We uphold strict privacy and confidentiality standards, safeguarding user data and respecting the confidentiality of rehab centers’ clients. Our practices align with relevant laws and industry standards.


Editorial Guidelines:

Our content is crafted with care, compassion, and compelling insights. We address addiction and mental health issues with empathy, emphasizing that recovery is attainable and within reach. By focusing on quality, accuracy, and empathy, Drehabs aims to be a trusted leader and authority in substance use disorders and mental health.


User Reviews and Feedback:

User-generated reviews are subject to our guidelines for fairness, accuracy, and respect. We moderate reviews to prevent spam and ensure compliance with our policies.


Corrections and Updates:

Drehabs is committed to accuracy. Users and rehab centers are encouraged to report inaccuracies promptly. Corrections and updates are swiftly implemented to maintain the reliability of our information.


Removal Criteria:

Rehab centers violating ethical standards, losing accreditation, or engaging in harmful activities may be removed from Drehabs. Removal procedures ensure fairness.


Editorial Team and Review Process:

Our experienced editorial team, including licensed counselors, clinical social workers, pharmacists, nurses, and experts with master’s or doctorate-level degrees, reviews and approves content. New listings undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Our team’s collective expertise ensures that Drehabs remains a reliable and compassionate resource for individuals seeking recovery.

  • Ben Fisher
    • Role: Content Reviewer & Fact Checker 
    • Responsibilities: Overseeing the accuracy of treatment information, ensuring the integrity of our directory’s medical aspects, and contributing to our educational resources. Meticulously verifying statistical data, medical claims, and cited sources to uphold the evidence-based and reliable nature of our content on Drehabs.
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Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Contributors and team members adhere to copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights. Compliance with laws and ethical standards is paramount.


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure:

Contributors and team members disclose potential conflicts of interest, maintaining transparency and integrity.


Contact Information:

For inquiries or feedback regarding our editorial policy or information on Drehabs, contact our team at [email protected].


This editorial policy is reviewed periodically to align with evolving industry needs. Last updated on 08-25-2023.