MedMark Treatment Centers Essex
  • MedMark Treatment Centers Essex

Addiction treatment center in Middle River, Maryland
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About MedMark Treatment Centers Essex

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex - Drug Rehab centre in Essex, MD. They are rated 6.8/10 based on 45 user reviews as Addiction treatment center in Middle River, Maryland. MedMark Treatment Centers Essex is located at 8909 Kelso Dr, Essex, MD 21221. To book appointment you can call them at +1 410-486-2500.

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex, Essex, MD. Find phone number, address, reviews and ratings of MedMark Treatment Centers Essex


How to contact MedMark Treatment Centers Essex?

You can contact and book appointment with MedMark Treatment Centers Essex either by calling at +1 410-486-2500 or by directly visiting their address at 8909 Kelso Dr, Essex, MD 21221.

Where is MedMark Treatment Centers Essex located?

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex is located at 8909 Kelso Dr, Essex, MD 21221. MedMark Treatment Centers Essex is easily accessible by public transportation, major highways, etc.

What services does MedMark Treatment Centers Essex offer?

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex offers a range of services to support individuals struggling with substance use disorder, alcoholism, etc.. These services may include detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare planning.

What is MedMark Treatment Centers Essex's rating and reviews?

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex has a 3.4 rating on our website, based on 45+ reviews from individuals who have received treatment at MedMark Treatment Centers Essex. This is one of review from Susan Nelson about them. I am blessed to have found Medmark of Essex. Medmark gave me my life back. Before coming here my life was a disaster. I am so thankful to have my amazing understanding counselor who has helped me a lot with my struggles and with the bad …More

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MedMark Treatment Centers Essex Working Hours

Monday5:30?am–3?pm, 3:30–8?pm
Tuesday5:30?am–3?pm, 3:30–8?pm
Wednesday5:30?am–3?pm, 3:30–8?pm
Thursday5:30?am–3?pm, 3:30–8?pm
Friday5:30?am–3?pm, 3:30–8?pm

MedMark Treatment Centers Essex Reviews

Britany spangler
Britany spangler

The doctor at this place is a complete idiot. I failed my one drug test due to the cough syrup I was prescribed while I was sick. Before I even took it I called and made sure it was okay for me to take and my counselor said yes and took a …More

Tricia Garcia
Tricia Garcia

I give this program 5 stars because it is a clean and safe environment to get treatment. My counselor is available when I need her and there are daily groups available. Even during this unpresidented situation with Covid-19 this program has …More

Rachel Hopka
Rachel Hopka

If you are truly dedicated to your recovery and putting the effort into making the necessary life changes, many of the counselors here, and certainly the groups, will help you maintain a successful and sober recovery. My counselor, Pamela …More

Tina Brown
Tina Brown

Iv spent the past few years working on myself, getting clean and healthy. Medmark has helped me in so many ways. I attend the ladies group every Friday, ran by Mrs Val & Ms Wanda. The two of them have taught me self love practices, how to …More

Steffanie Xo (Kitten;3)
Steffanie Xo (Kitten;3)

When you want to make your life better and overcome all of your past mistakes and traumas, this place will help you get there. No worries about withdrawal any longer as you are given medication the same day of your intake appointment. …More


Not a patient but from what I’ve heard this place is great, they treat their patients with respect and kindness rather than like trash as a lot of people in this world do. The patient I know had a counselor named Ms Val who I always heard …More

Brendon Sadowski
Brendon Sadowski

This location is very understanding and caring for each individual person. If you are honest and make a mistake, you just tell the truth that is my advice, but this place has some really great people that I met over the past few years that …More