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Addiction treatment center in Canton, Georgia
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Craig Wellness & Recovery - Drug Rehab centre in Canton, GA. They are rated 9.2/10 based on 21 user reviews as Addiction treatment center in Canton, Georgia. Craig Wellness & Recovery is located at 2205 Riverstone Blvd Suite 205, Canton, GA 30114. To book appointment you can call them at +1 770-720-5011.

"Struggling with alcohol or drugs? Craig Wellness and Recovery can help you get clean and stay clean. If you’re reading this website, we have good news—you’ve already done the difficult work of deciding you’d like to get help. You can leave the rest to us. We’ll develop an individualized treatment plan to get you exactly the help you need—nothing more, nothing less. We’ll help you detox. In most cases, you won’t even have to go to a facility… We’ll treat you discreetly in a series of meetings at our clinic. That means you’ll be able to continue working at your job—and keep living your life."


How to contact Craig Wellness & Recovery?

You can contact and book appointment with Craig Wellness & Recovery either by calling at +1 770-720-5011 or by directly visiting their address at 2205 Riverstone Blvd Suite 205, Canton, GA 30114.

Where is Craig Wellness & Recovery located?

Craig Wellness & Recovery is located at 2205 Riverstone Blvd Suite 205, Canton, GA 30114. Craig Wellness & Recovery is easily accessible by public transportation, major highways, etc.

What services does Craig Wellness & Recovery offer?

Craig Wellness & Recovery offers a range of services to support individuals struggling with substance use disorder, alcoholism, etc.. These services may include detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare planning.

What is Craig Wellness & Recovery's rating and reviews?

Craig Wellness & Recovery has a 4.6 rating on our website, based on 21+ reviews from individuals who have received treatment at Craig Wellness & Recovery. This is one of review from Paula Little about them. Dr. Craig is so understanding, patient, and kind. He has incredible bedside manner and you never feel rushed. He actually cares about each and every patient!

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Craig Wellness & Recovery

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Craig Wellness & Recovery Reviews


Cant say enough about Dr. Craig AND Staff... Sometimes a bit of wait, but you dont realize it because office staff makes your visit as pleasant as possible. Dr. Craig does give you his undivided attention. He also will help with issues you …More

Maine Johnson
Maine Johnson

Dr. Craig, Camille, & Anita are a top notch team that will help you overcome any issue you have going on. I’ve been completely sober for over 2 years. I’ve face many hard life issues, and they have been there every step of the way to help …More

Jennifer Osborne
Jennifer Osborne

I just wanna say how disappointed I was to find out this is where my daughter chose to come get the care she needed. The Doc I hear is fabulous but my disappointment is with the woman who works upfront greeting the patients and checking …More

Justin Saylor
Justin Saylor

Jennifer Osborne You’re entitled to your opinion but I strongly disagree with you. You are misleading people by saying things like that. Doctor James Craig is by far the best doctor I have ever found and he can help save many more lives. …More

Bridgett Eckhardt
Bridgett Eckhardt

This office is like non-other!! Absolutely great staff and phenomenal medical providers!! Highly recommend for anyone with addiction problems, anxiety and/or depression.