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Addiction treatment center in Wilson, North Carolina
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About Behavioral Health Group – Wilson

Behavioral Health Group – Wilson - Drug Rehab centre in Wilson, NC. They are rated 7.6/10 based on 6 user reviews as Addiction treatment center in Wilson, North Carolina. Behavioral Health Group – Wilson is located at 3709 Nash St N, Wilson, NC 27896. To book appointment you can call them at +1 252-206-5799.

"Wilson Professional Services, Inc. is now Behavioral Health Group - Wilson: Behavioral Health Group is the largest network of Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid treatment and recovery centers in the U.S., delivering comprehensive, personalized evidence-based medical and behavioral therapies."


How to contact Behavioral Health Group – Wilson?

You can contact and book appointment with Behavioral Health Group – Wilson either by calling at +1 252-206-5799 or by directly visiting their address at 3709 Nash St N, Wilson, NC 27896.

Where is Behavioral Health Group – Wilson located?

Behavioral Health Group – Wilson is located at 3709 Nash St N, Wilson, NC 27896. Behavioral Health Group – Wilson is easily accessible by public transportation, major highways, etc.

What services does Behavioral Health Group – Wilson offer?

Behavioral Health Group – Wilson offers a range of services to support individuals struggling with substance use disorder, alcoholism, etc.. These services may include detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare planning.

What is Behavioral Health Group – Wilson's rating and reviews?

Behavioral Health Group – Wilson has a 3.8 rating on our website, based on 6+ reviews from individuals who have received treatment at Behavioral Health Group – Wilson. This is one of review from LaToyia Moye about them. I went in for a pre-employment drug screening and they treated me like I was an addict. Because I couldn’t go in the time they wanted me to they told the company I was applying with that I must have something to hide. Almost cost me the job …More

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Behavioral Health Group – Wilson Reviews

Nick Calderwood
Nick Calderwood

They saved my life and they got some amazing staff Lesley is da bomb she does everything she should get a huge bonus and Samantha and Susan and Archie r the best in their feild. U all will always have a special place in my heart

Lois Ingram
Lois Ingram

My daughter in law has had a 300% turnaround in her syptoms versus coming pff of medications at home. We are all so thankful for your patience with our family through our recent move and attempts to acquire medical records as well. God bless!

Heather Near
Heather Near

I lost my insurance and ability to afford my pain management doctor, also I lost the ability to afford my anxiety and depression medications that were prescribed by my psychiatrist. I never went to a drug dealer yet this place treats me as …More

Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons

2 months back to back, your has sent incorrect prescription medication to my pharmacy, I can no longer trust my health to her hands, sorry I will not be back to your Wilson facility