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Addiction treatment center in Riverdale, Georgia
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About Atlanta Detox Center

Atlanta Detox Center - Drug Rehab centre in Atlanta, GA. They are rated 0/10 based on undefined user reviews as Addiction treatment center in Riverdale, Georgia. Atlanta Detox Center is located at 277 Medical Way, Riverdale, GA 30274. To book appointment you can call them at +1 844-658-0927.

"Atlanta Detox Center is a free standing state licensed medical detox center that is dedicated to helping people who struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. We offer the latest in medical addiction treatment combined with clinical therapy to provide comprehensive detox services that treat the whole person. Atlanta Detox is made up of a highly experienced and dedicated team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and behavioral health technicians. To better serve our clients, our medical detox services are covered by most health insurance plans."


How to contact Atlanta Detox Center?

You can contact and book appointment with Atlanta Detox Center either by calling at +1 844-658-0927 or by directly visiting their address at 277 Medical Way, Riverdale, GA 30274.

Where is Atlanta Detox Center located?

Atlanta Detox Center is located at 277 Medical Way, Riverdale, GA 30274. Atlanta Detox Center is easily accessible by public transportation, major highways, etc.

What services does Atlanta Detox Center offer?

Atlanta Detox Center offers a range of services to support individuals struggling with substance use disorder, alcoholism, etc.. These services may include detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare planning.

What is Atlanta Detox Center's rating and reviews?

Atlanta Detox Center has a rating on our website, based on undefined+ reviews from individuals who have received treatment at Atlanta Detox Center. This is one of review from Kimberly Laird about them. I just want to start by saying since the pandemic I’ve been in a very dark place for a very long time. I resigned from my job due to the mandate on the vaccine, lost my insurance and turned to alcohol for what I thought to be my escape from …More

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Atlanta Detox Center Working Hours

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Atlanta Detox Center Reviews

Everett tripp
Everett tripp

Atlanta detox helped me get my life back on track and helped me realize that I can stay sober. The staff there helped me on a daily basis realize that life is worth fighting for. Staff also always made sure my needs were met. Joe helped me …More

Michal Guthman
Michal Guthman

I have been to a lot of treatment and detox centers (I am sober now), and atlanta detox is by far the nicest and cleanest one I’ve ever been too. The beds are super comfortable, the rooms are clean and spacious. The staff is amazing. Most …More

Sherita Elliott
Sherita Elliott

Olga and Matt are the greatest their caring all they want is for you to stay clean Miss Joy at the front desk is beautiful the nurses are the bomb Keisha is a good cook OG is is the bomb he keeps it real and let you know that you can make …More

Nicholas Barnard
Nicholas Barnard

Great facility and staff! Troy, Joe, and Harrison do a great job helping those in need!

Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders

Great, caring staff, great comfortable and clean facility. They don’t just throw you in a hole and forget about you, they help you throughout the entire process through medication to make you comfortable through the withdrawal process and …More